Tips For Taking Awesome Photos

Happy couple embracing Creating exemplary photos requires just a bit of more creativity. Although having good equipment is a plus, all you need is simply to take a moment before taking every shot so that you can think out clearly about what you want to capture. Here are some guidelines that will help you take better photos whether you are a novice or you want to improve your skills.

Capture your shots from the level of your subjects

One common mistake that people often make when they are taking photos of kids or animals such as pets is to shoot from the height of a standing adult. This will result in a bird’s eye view and your subject will disappear in the background. If you want your child to stand out in a picture, you should get down to their height. Get closer where possible and take your photos from there.

Give your shots a careful thought

Photography does not begin when you get your camera out of your bag or start looking through the viewfinder. Photography is a process and it begins when you spot a potential shot. It does not matter whether you are looking at a sweeping view that’s in front of you or are simply visualizing images in your head; this is where you should begin asking yourself questions.
Why are you interested in this image? Why are you interested in capturing it? What do you hope to achieve from it? Thinking about the image before you even get hold of the camera will help you decide on what lens you will require; the shutter speed to use and where you should be at when taking the shot. The most important thing is imagining the picture that you want and coming up with ideas that will help you realize the perfect shot.

Be fast

If the subject you are shooting may bolt, move, fly away, get tired of smiling or simply get bored waiting, then just shoot right away. Practice getting faster and faster as you shoot towards the draw. Don’t mind about taking too many shots and do not stop to check whether all the buttons and knobs are correctly positioned.

Your compositions may look better with shadows.

Most people are too focused on photography subjects that they do not pay much attention to shadows. However, when the sun is low, shadows are often more interesting than the actual subjects in photos, so whenever possible, try and include them in your composition.

Be Selective

Think about what interests you the most and focus on getting the best photo out of this subject. Keep off anything that could easily distract you out of this picture. One of the best ways of doing this is watching borders and recomposing if there is anything for instance distracting signs or your finger into your picture.

The most important thing as a photographer is to get out there and have tons of fun with your camera. Take lots of photos and practice as much as you can. Make use of your camera as much as you can.